Natural born receivers

Natural born receivers…

That’s what women are.

I bet you’re confused.

I bet you are thinking to yourself : “hang on a minute, aren’t women supposed to be givers??”

That is what we have been taught over and over and over again; women are born to give.

And that is what we do. We give and give and give until we are spent and then we give some more. We hear it all the time “Women are natural born givers”
But we are not.

We are designed and wired to receive.

Yes , you read that right.

We are wired to receive and more than anything we are wired to receive pleasure and that is often the one thing that we struggle with the most.Relaxing pic of womans feet

Receiving feels uncomfortable for us. We bat away compliments like they are pesky flies buzzing around our head:”This old thing? I got it at K Mart . On special. But look at you – you are positively glowing!”

We struggle to let others do things for us : ” No, I’m fine. I can cope with it all. Yes, I can do the bake sale too. I just have to drop Ella at kindy and pick up the prescription for Joey and then I can bake all afternoon before I take Jimmy to soccer and Ella to dance class.”

But more than any of that we deny ourselves the real pleasure of receiving when it comes to our sex lives. Instead we focus on our partner. We stress about taking “too long ” instead of being present to the pleasure  and in  doing so we deny ourselves the joy of the journey.

Opening into the journey

What if we just relaxed?

More than anything we need to relax into the space of allowing – allowing ourselves to receive and see what that feels like. We can start small by accepting compliments with a smile and a “thank you” and work our way up to saying yes to help and not feeling like we have to be Wonder Woman all the time.
Then we can begin to just breathe and be in the moment, drop into our body and see what feels good and embrace more of that.

Getting out of our head is the biggest gift we can give ourselves and being present.
Present to our needs and wants and desires. They are just as important as anyone else’s  and we have the right to receive.

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