Five things I’ve learned from watching my goldfish

Life lessons from goldfish? You must be crazy!

I can almost hear you saying ” Caitlin, what do goldfish have to do with self-love?”


Well, at first glance, not much and maybe I’ve been sitting in the sun too long.

Here’s the thing, when you look deep enough you can get life lessons from anything, you just have to be willing to look.

Lesson One:  Choose who you swim with

Who you hang out with makes a huge difference in your life.  Surrounding yourself with like-minded people can lift you out of a funk because they know what you are going and growing through.


Lesson Two: Spend time in the sun

We all need to step out of our comfort zone and into the spotlight. Comfort zones can get too comfortable and then we end up spending all our time at home, in our track pants binge-watching Netflix.

Having the courage to step up and shine only comes from feeling comfortable in your own skin and accepting yourself as you are now.

Lotus flower

Lesson Three: Retreat to your cave

The sun is dazzling and hot and on-one can spend all day, every day out there. Create a sacred sanctuary for you to retreat to, a space that is calm and nurturing. We all need to recharge our batteries and home is the ideal place to do that. Having a quiet space (with a fish tank!) to chill out is a great idea. Sitting and meditating, spending time in nature or watching fish in a pond or tank help to quiet the mind and  restore our peace of mind.


Lesson Four: Nobody likes a stagnant pond

All ponds need movement to keep the water aerated and liveable just like we need to declutter and have a good spring clean. If you don’t keep things moving then life becomes stagnant, stale and dull.

Letting go can mean releasing friends that are no longer on the same wave length as you or cleaning out your closet or your car or your wallet. Of all of those letting friends go is the hardest but sometimes it is kinder to both of you if you are honest and realize the relationship has come to an end.

Lesson Five: Choose friends that will check up on you

Life as a goldfish means you get to just keep on swimming and wait for the food to drop from the sky. They may look like they have very little brain but I am sure they have just as intricate a lie as we do. One got stuck in the reeds the other day after a hectic round of “frolicking” (that means mating ) and the other fish kept going over to check her out. Eventually, I had to go rescue her as fish can’t drag each other around by the tail.

In the same way, you want friends that check in on you to see that you are doing okay. You want friends that you can rely on and won’t leave you alone on a girls’ night out for you to make your own way home.


So there you have it  – musings on a lessons