Beautiful, Sexy, Money, Mindset


Sex and Money are great ..until you don’t have enough of either!

Beautiful, Sexy, Money

We all want lots of both but often don’t get enough of either.

There’s a reason for that.

Both of them are base  or sacral chakra issues and both are shrouded in guilt and shame.

Most of us aren’t comfortable talking about them and they are what we most often argue about with our partner.
This stuff should be easy, right? And yet it’s not.

I know, you’re tired of arguing about it and you are ready for change.

You’ve tried all the affirmations and vision boards .

You’ve read all the books and it feels like nothing has changed or is ever going to change and you feel exhausted stuck and …..a teeny bit desperate.

I’ve been there and I know what it’s like.

I used to dread checking my bank balance and opening the bills was even worse!
I may have even hid the credit card statements from hubby a time or two… and when you are under that kind of stress??

Sex is the last thing on your mind and sometimes it can feel more like you are living with a flatmate than your significant other. Not sexy. At. All.

I’ve gone from stressing about money and sex ALL. THE .TIME.

To knowing that I am always aligned and supported with money in the bank  and my sex life is better than ever.
So what changed? Firstly, I worked on my mindset and how I thought about money and I implemented all that I am about to teach you in the Beautiful, Sexy, Money membership site

Beautiful, Sexy Money is a paid membership site .

I share with you all the tools and techniques I use every day to feel vibrantly sexy and alive and attracting more and more abundance into my life.

  • My unique three step journaling technique that transforms your life like magic
  • Journal prompts to dive in deeply each day
  • Tapping scripts to clear limiting beliefs and blocks
  • Subliminal audios that you can listen to while you work to shift your mindset
  • Womb healing meditations and practices
  • and much more

Here’s what one client has had to say:

Kiaora Caitlin! I want to show my utmost gratitude and appreciation for the tools and teachings you gifted to me. These are very powerful tools that I will utilise and use to pass on to my own children and others that may need this.Your teaching was AMAZING!!! It was truly amazing being able to socialise with the other wonderful woman who attended with us! the laughs, the tears, the feeling of being a part of something that lifted my wairua and reassured me that I am doing just fine… I just need to make adjustments. You also helped me to understand a lot about myself that I never actually bought forward and dealt with…

I wish you all the best in your journey and I hope you can do the same thngs that you did for me for others…



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Clear your old, out dated limiting beliefs around money. Start attracting more clients, more customers and more abundance into your life. Let go of the stress of how you are going to pay your bills and where the money is coming from. Find the time and energy to reconnect with your partner and enjoy more romantic, intimate connection again.

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$33NZD a month

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