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Sometimes we get knocked off balance, out of alignment.

We lose our job.

Someone we love dies.

Our relationship ends.

Those are all big, devastating issues to deal with. And then there are the everyday issues; we get a parking ticket, our washing machine breaks down, we argue with our partner or we just have a shitty day.

All of these things, the big and the small,  take a toll on our energy systems. Not to mention all those thoughts that we have running around, in a constant loop in our heads:

“I’m such a loser. Why would anyone want to go out with me? I can’t believe she said that to me -what a bitch. I hate my thighs. Ugh I can’t believe it’s only Monday” and on and on it goes and we wonder why our lives aren’t turning out the way we dream.

Energetic Detox

Often when we are working towards our goals and dreams we hear the phrase ” align yourself with the Universe” or that we are “out of alignment” with our desires.

What does that even mean?

Just like the wheels of your car need to be aligned so you don’t wear them out to quickly.

And the printer heads on your printer have to be aligned so the writing doesn’t come out all wavy.

And your spine has to be aligned so you don’t get neck pain, back pain and other issues.

Your energy has to be aligned with your desires.

Think of it as having all your ducks in a row.Sometimes our goals are going one way but our thought are sending out a different signal. Or it could be some old trauma ( and trauma shows up differently for everyone)is throwing things out of whack and that’s where I come in.

What the hell is energetic realignment?

Just like you get your wheels aligned at the tyre place or your back aligned at the chiropractor or osteopath you come to me to realign your energy. ( nope, your printer isn’t salvageable – trust me I’ve tried!).

Using all the skills I have at my disposal, I check into your energy field and clear and release anything that is causing a disruption and throwing you out of alignment. This is done in the gentlest, most non invasive way possible. In fact I do it via Skype or just send you a recording of my findings.

For you part all you have to do is make an appointment, set an intention of what you want healed and let the energy do it’s work.

A  free fifteen minute discovery  Skype call to discuss how I can best serve you

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Ready to book a full one hour session? For a full energetic cleanse of your energetic body using Remote Reiki and EFT tapping  via Skype ( or Zoom) + a recording of the whole conversation for you to listen to again and again. Also includes a step by step guide for setting your intention and steps to take care of yourself after the session.

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We cannot heal from the wounds we refuse to acknowledge