You – A Love Story

A workshop for women

Happy woman

It’s your time!

“And then one day she
woke up.

She was tired, exhausted really, and frustrated with trying to live up to all the expectations of others.

So she threw off all the labels and decided to live as her own sparkly self. And she lived happily ever after”


Are you tired of tying to meet every one’s expectations of you and always feeling like you are failing?

Are you ready to live happily ever after, in love with yourself?

Are you ready to live life as your authentic self?

Then this workshop is for you!

Saturday June 17 1:30 -4pm

@ Divine Delights

88 Seddon Street Waihi

$60 per person. Space is limited.

07 8639147 or 02108869520

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Investment in you : $60