Everything you want to know about Yoni eggs

But were afraid to ask!

What are yoni eggs?
You put them where????
What do they even do?
How long do you use them for?
Why do I even need one?

I had all the same questions about yoni eggs
And so many more.

Medium rose quartz yoni eggs

And I want to share just how powerful these little beauties are and

ALL that they can do for you, your sex life and your general wellbeing
You might have heard of them but you are still not sure if they are right for YOU

So I am running a LIVESTREAM event to answer them for you

Next event is coming soon.

It will be in a PRIVATE Facebook group and


Sign up for it Here

Come and get your questions answered.
Can’t make that time or date?
Sign up and you will get access to the replay in the Facebook group