Fabulously Feminine – Yoni Egg and Journal Card package

Fabulously Feminine

Are you too busy for sex?

I get it. We have such full on busy lives and at the end of the day our minds can be racing and full of our never-ending “to do” list that sex is the last thing on our minds.

Or it could be that you struggle to reach orgasm because of that busy, racing mind.

Now is the time to come back to your body, to tune back into your feminine self.

It’s easier said than done though, right?

There is so much pressure on us to look a certain way, to be a certain way that we have almost forgotten what it means to be feminine.

Do you feel disconnected from your feminine self?

Chances are you are

Running around after your kid
Keeping the house in order
Managing your own business or job
Looking after your own fitness and wellbeing
Our lives are full and busy and we end up in our heads trying to remember :

All the appointments, afterschool activities, who needs what for school camp or what day is photo day and when does the school trip notice need to be signed and did you send the Mother’s day card to your mother in law or just your Mum? and Does Jimmy have a fever or is he ok to go school? Did you remember to text your husband about his dental appointment? Have you organized that letter your boss wanted you to? What product are you launching in your business and have you sent out the latest newsletter?


I feel exhausted just writing it!

Where's my yoni egg?

Too much to think about!

No wonder we disconnect from our body.

No wonder our orgasms are elusive. No wonder we forget what being feminine means.

Come back to your body. Reconnect with YOU again

Two of my favorite tools for connecting in with myself are my yoni egg and journaling. Which is why I created the Yoni Love journal cards. Each card brings us back to our body, back to our sensual, sexual selves. The card deck also comes with a booklet with further recommendations for each prompt and a crystal and essential oil to help engage more of your senses. Each essential oil has been chosen to trigger your limbic system to anchor those emotions and memories in your body.

Using the journal cards with your yoni egg practice? Well, that takes it to a whole new level.
More connection. More healing. More sensual.

I have created the Fabulously Feminine package with YOU in mind.

You get:
1 X Yoni Love card deck – 40 cards of journal prompts with a booklet with more info for each card
1 x Rose quartz Yoni egg
1 x ebook of instructions on how to use and care for your egg
3 x 30-minute coaching sessions for anything that comes up with your egg or journal practice
1 x Goddess On!  Rollerball  – my signature blend of essential oils and crystal essences designed to help foster more self-love and self-acceptance
Membership to a Private Facebook group for more online support and a safe nurturing space to BE
Yoni Love cards are the perfect part of your yoni egg practice

If you are ready to step off the treadmill of rushing, rushing, rushing and drop into a feminine place of stillness and being then this is for you

Come back to your body.
Reconnect with your most feminine self
Reignite your sensuality and sexuality
Embrace pleasure and creativity in your life.

For a limited time, you can purchase all this for $195 NZD
Includes postage to US, UK, Australia and within NZ