FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I get it  – yoni eggs sound like a weird concept so I’ve put together the most frequently asked questions I get and come up with easy to understand answers. I hope this serves you.

Q.How is using a yoni egg different than doing Kegels?

A. If you want to strengthen your arm muscle you don’t simply flex your arm – you use a weight. It’s the same with your pelvic floor adding a yoni egg provides resistance and weight for your muscles to flex and lift there by helping you tone those muscles faster.

Q.Can I use a yoni egg while pregnant?

A. No. It is not recommended to use during pregnancy.

It is great to use after your six week check up to help regain your pelvic floor tone. They are also a great tool to use before you get pregnant to get ready for birthing.

Q.Can I use a yoni egg while I have my period?

A. Our period is a great time for us to rest and relax so I wouldn’t recommend it,no.

Q.Can I use a yoni egg with a Mirena/ IUD?

A. If it is safe to have sex or use a tampon while you have a Mirena in then yes it is perfectly ok to use with a Mirena.

You may have some cramping while using a yoni egg and this is part of the clearing action . If the cramps become too intense then simply remove the egg and try again in a different part of your cycle.

Q.I’ve had a hysterectomy, can I still use a yoni egg?

A. Yes, you can. In  fact, you should use an egg. Removal of the uterus causes all the other organs to shift and move and if you do not maintain good pelvic floor strength then you leave yourself vulnerable to possible prolapse of the bladder or bowel.

It is advisable to always use a string with your egg if you have had a hysterectomy and I would not recommend  having sex with the egg in.

Q.I can’t keep my egg in! What can I do?

A.Keep practicing! Honestly, most women who have had children struggle to keep it in at the beginning. Just keep practicing and it will get easier over time. You can also try using it while sitting down until your muscles get stronger.

Q.My egg won’t come out! How do I get it out?

A. The big thing is not to panic. It cannot travel beyond your cervix. There is only one way in and one way out.
First thing to do is relax. Keep your mouth and your throat loose – there is a direct connection between the throat and the vaginal canal so the looser your throat the looser your vaginal canal and the easier it will be to get your egg out.
Now, squat down and give a gentle push – just like giving birth. More than likely that will be enough to get it out..

If you are at all concerned about the likelihood of it getting stuck then please string your egg as that is the easiest way to remove it.

Q. I am past menopause – is it too late for me to start using an egg?

A. It’s only too late if you don’t start!
After menopause we often struggle with lack of lubrication and thinning of the surrounding skin. Using an egg will help with all of this. Regular use of the egg will stimulate blood flow to the whole genital area which is a good thing  and will also aid in lubrication.

Q. I suffer from LBL – light bladder leakage will using an egg help?

A. Yes! It will definitely make a difference . How long it will take for you to notice a difference is up to you and how often you choose to use your egg.

Q. I already have a busy life. How can I fit this in?

A. The minimum amount of time recommended each week is about twenty minutes , three times a week. You can break that into smaller ten minute segments.

The big thing is not to make this a chore but integrate it into your regular self care routine. A big part of the practice is making time for yourself and making YOU a priority in your life.


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