Here’s some of the interviews I have done this year

Blissed out Podcast with Ahsleigh Rae

In this episode, Caitlin and I talked about the Yoni Egg Journey including:

  • What the heck a Yoni Egg is, and how to use it
  • Dating your Yoni Egg
  • Connecting your soul with your body
  • How it helps to heal you form the inside out
  • Honoring your sacred feminine
  • Allowing the shadow to come into the light

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Stacey Herrera The Sensuality Project

Most of us aspire to be in the kind of relationships that make us feel nourished. Whether romantic, familial, or friends, we want to feel seen, heard, loved, and supported. But all too often our relationships fall short. Perhaps because we attract people who do not have the capacity to offer what we need. But if we’re honest, sometimes we are the ones who do not have the capacity to hold that which we desire most.

My sister friend Caitlin Grace models what it looks like to not only be in partnership with someone who adores her but she is also the kind of woman who can hold space for BIG love.

In this episode we explore:

Longterm love, marriage, and doing the work.

Grieving your period and hot flashes.

Calling in your soul mate and who you need to be to attract your right-fit love.



All Business Media with Rick Delgado

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Sophia Wise One 

Click the link above to go listen

In this episode, Sophia Wise One and Caitlin discuss:

  • Who Caitlin Grace is
  • Understanding Yoni Eggs
  • The concept of asking your body for permission
  • Knowing the parts of your vagina

Key Takeaways:

  • You don’t just pop the yoni egg in and wear it all day, your vagina will get fatigued
  • Marketing and society has taught women that their vagina is just for sex and it needs to be ‘maintained’ to be appealing
  • To take ownership, come back to the foundation. Do you know all the different parts of your genitals?
  • Our most potent acupressure points are in the vaginal canal

“The use of Yoni Eggs is a mindfulness practice. ” – Caitlin Grace