You and Your Pelvic Floor

Pelvic floor

Ever laughed so hard a little pee ran down your leg?

Or maybe you sneezed or coughed and everything became a tad damp?

Or maybe you have had to be careful when you run after the kids or bounce on the trampoline?

We all joke about it but it’s not actually a joking matter. It is a sign of a weak pelvic floor and that can lead to a whole raft of issues…. like uterine prolapse.
Even if you have already had a hysterectomy your pelvic floor is still vital to keep everything where it should be.

It’s not a normal part of aging or of having kids

Yes, those things can play a part but that is no excuse to give up and start wearing Depends or Tena Lady!

There are things that we can do NOW so that our pelvic floor stays toned and supple all our life.

Trouble is nobody tells us how to care for our pelvic floor until AFTER we have kids when we need to be learning about it BEFORE!

Which is why I am doing a Livestream on Friday, Feb 16

Our pelvic floor is much more than about just stopping us from having LBL -Light bladder leakage.

The Pelvic floor also helps intensify your orgasms and we all want more of that, right?

 Not to mention that it, literally, holds everything in place. Pelvic organ prolapse is another one of those things we don’t talk about.. until its too late.

This live stream is for you if:

  1. You are thinking about having kids
  2.  You have already had kids
  3.  You have had a prolapse
  4. You have had a hysterectomy
  5. You have a pelvic floor


All you need to know to maintain a healthy pelvic floor Part one

Friday February 16 @1pmNZT

In this half-hour live stream you will:

  1. Learn why your pelvic floor is the key to optimal health and wellbeing
  2. Uncover how you are damaging your pelvic floor without even realizing it
  3. Discover simple tools to maintain  optimal pelvic floor health


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