Yoni Eggs:

Yoni eggs are one of the greatest self love tools around. Not only are they great for toning your pelvic floor they are also good for clearing and releasing all sorts of emotional blocks and stored memories.

I got my first egg a few years ago and  currently have five – all for differing purposes. Be warned once you start using them you won’t want to stop and your collection will grow!
There are lots of different crystals to choose from but the best place to start is with either Rose quartz or Jade.
I will be adding different crystals from time to timeYoni eggs - the ultimate self love tool

Rose Quartz:

Rose quartz is the ultimate self love stone and has a lovely gentle energy. A great egg to start your practice with.
Single Medium Rose Quartz Egg + 10 Page Booklet  covering
*How to care for your egg
*Bonding with your egg
* Exercises to use your egg
*Frequently Asked Questions answered

Temporarily out of stock


Jade Egg set of three Jade is the crystal most often used in yoni egg practice. It is the one originally used by the Emperors in China for their courtesans. Jade is the stone of longevity, health and prosperity. Large, medium and small Jade eggs + 10 page Booklet covering
*How to care for your egg
*Bonding with your egg
* Exercises to use your egg
*Frequently Asked Questions answeredLimited Stock on hand.


Subliminal audios:

Self love tools

It all starts with loving yourself

There are only two ways to change our subconscious programming. One is through a sudden, near death experience and we kind of want to avoid those. The other is through constant, evenly spaced repetition and that’s where listening to subliminal audios come in.
I have created two subliminal audios for you ; one on loving yourself and the other for feeling worthy and deserving the best in life. These two things are ones we often struggle with. The best part is you can download them and listen to them as you drive to work, as you are doing the housework or any other time you have to listen to some background music. Why not have that music doing something useful for you at the same time.

Once you click on the link you will be taken to a page to instantly download and start listening.