The Goddess Guide to Sex, Love and Life

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If you have ever had your heart broken or been through a divorce or turned thirty ( or forty, or fifty, or any other age) and wondered if you will ever find love again, if any man will ever find you desirable or if you will ever have sex again then this book is for you. Truly, we all have inside of us a sleeping Goddess who longs to remind us that Yes, we are still desirable and hot and sexy, regardless of the width of our hips or the curve of our belly and this book is here to help you wake her up and own your awesomeness. True beauty, true sexiness is an inside job and reconnecting to yourself will help you to find you again.


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“Getting up close and personal and becoming a Goddess is an inside job. The author, in her honest, fun and refreshing style, helps you reconnect and discover your true beauty regardless of your shape or size. A fabulous read; I would recommend it to any female I know!” S J Tierney author of “The Vagina Buffet”

A raw and delightful combination of real-life stories and practical advice to take you from an “eh” life to an amazing one! Caitlin helps us understand what parts of our day to day lives need to be upgraded to our awesome, goddess status and she shows us how!” Laura Probert author of  “Warrior Love – A Journal to Inspire Your Fiercely Alive Whole Self”


This book is a keeper – one that I will go back and refer to often. Each chapter is easy to read, easy to understand and full of tips, information and a lovely dose of humour. I would highly recommend getting the ‘real’ version (as opposed to the ebook!) if possible (I have both) as a photo doesn’t do this book justice. In real life the cover picture is vibrant and the book feels lovely to hold as you read. This will be one of the books I give my daughter when she’s older – but not my copy though!!!