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Ever feel like your body has let you down?

It can be quite confronting when you are told that you need a hysterectomy or that a mastectomy is the only solution or even that your pelvic floor is now prolapsing.

All of these things have a huge impact on our emotional well-being and our sense of ourselves as a woman.

Society tells us that these things make us a women.

It’s not true.

Being a woman is so much more than certain body parts.

YOU are more than your body parts.

Fall in Love with taking care of yourself

I know there is a lot to process

It can feel like you have been knocked sideways and nothing makes sense anymore.

What does being a woman even mean?

Are you still “feminine”?

I know that you feel “not quite whole”.

I know you feel less than sexy and desirable.

I know you are grieving the loss of feeling indestructible.

trauma in the body

You don’t have to do it alone

To anybody looking from the outside, they can’t see what you’ve been through they only see the brave face that you have put on.

Holding all of your emotions inside and “being strong” and carrying on as normal will get you so far.

I want you to fully reclaim yourself as the vibrant, sexy woman that you are.

Here’s what one client said :

Hi Caitlin, I just want to thank you so much for helping me understand what happened to me and am happy if you wish to use this as a testimonial.

I’d been 10 years through my menopause when during lovemaking I started bleeding.

Apparently, this is a real ‘no-no’ and so my Doctor immediately sent me to the specialist who ordered a scan. The result was a very large cyst on the remaining ovary (the other had been removed many years before).

Surgery was scheduled and the specialist told me, yes ‘TOLD’ me, that it would be best to remove not only the ovary but fallopian tube, womb, and cervix …. as he put it “just in case it’s cancer, then we won’t have to go back in”.

All of this, including the surgery, happened within three days. I really didn’t have time to think let alone make an informed decision. He made it sound like if I didn’t have it done straight away things could get a whole lot worse.

There was no cancer. There was nothing wrong with my womb or cervix as it turned out and it took me two years to get over that surgery. Not the physical – I healed perfectly! But mentally I found it so hard to come to terms with the loss.

Everything that defined me as a woman in my mind was gone… I was a eunuch or that’s how I felt.

If it hadn’t been for you, Caitlin, giving me the tools I needed to regain my feminine and proving that I hadn’t lost my yoni, who knows where my thoughts would be. With your help, I have reclaimed the goddess within me and have now stepped into my Crone/Sage life with a lot more wisdom than I would have had.

Blessings Fee O’Shea

Smiling woman

There is light at the end of the tunnel

You can reclaim your sense of self.

You can move forward with a renewed sense of yourself as a woman.

You can feel sexy again.

This coaching is for you if:

  • You’ve had to have a hysterectomy, for any reason
  • You have been told that your pelvic floor has prolapsed
  • You have had a mastectomy

You can choose between two coaching packages:

Reconnect with your Feminine Centre

3 x 1-hour coaching sessions can be booked over 3 or 6 weeks

3 x follow up emails including a recording of our sessions and any homework

1 x Self Love Subliminal  Downloadable MP3


A Deeper Connection
 6 x 1-hour coaching session – can be booked over 6 or twelve weeks

6 x follow up emails including a recording of each session and any homework

1 x Self Love Subliminal audio as a downloadable MP3

$450 NZD

It ‘s time to come back home to yourself.