Yoni Love -Journal Cards

How you feel about your womb or womb space affects all aspects of your life

Have you ever had a conversation with your Yoni?

 What about your breasts? Or your womb?

 The truth is most of us are a little ( ok, a lot) disconneceted from our bodies.

This shows up as

  • numbness
  • lack of libido
  • general dissatisfaction with life
  • feeling blocked creatively
  • Lacking abundance

We  work on our money mindset and say affirmations. Maybe you already journal everyday

Hopefully you already have a Yoni Egg 

and have discovered the amazing benefits they can bring you.

What you really want now is a way to dive even deeper into your yoni egg journey .

Or you are looking for a way to reconnect to yourself, your body and your sexuality.

But what do you write? Journaling is great . You know what takes it to the next level? To the transoformative, life changing level?
Journal Prompts – juicy questions that take you deeper into what is really going opn for you

The answer is in your journal, lady!

Yoni Love

Journal Prompts to deepen your yoni egg journey

These cards work to reconnect you to YOU!

I’ve grouped them into categories such as :





and Yoni

In this 40 card deck you  will get inspired to feel more open, trusting and secure. You will discover what truly lights you up and ignites your passion, creativity and sensuality. You will feel more connected and tuned in to your body than ever before.

In the acompanying booklet you will get which essential oils to use to shift your energy, which crystals to use to boost your connection, which Yoni eggs to use to help you maximise the benefits of all your exploration.


$45 NZD including postage to the US , Australia,  UK and within NZ